ETD and ER cores

The core sets of the ETD (Economic Transformer Design) series were developed for transformers in the range up to 1000 W and frequencies up to 500 kHz.

The coilformers made of plastics in compliance with UL94 VO offer a large winding section as well as the possibility of simple extraction of thick winding wires and wire ducts for machine-suited winding.

Retaining clamps can be supplied for fastening core / coilformer.

TypeDrw. no.nominal AL-value / nHdatasheet
ER 9,5/52820860
ER 11/5212001250
ETD 19/14/81160017001700
ER 20/12238004000
ETD 24/15/91190020502050
ETD 29/16/101220024002400
ETD 34/17/111250027002700
ETD 39/20/131280030003000
ETD 44/22/151340037003700
ETD 49/25/161380041504150
ETD 54/28/19147005000
ETD 59/31/22156006000



Drawing 1


Drawing 2