U and I cores

Cores made of the Kamafer materials K2004, K2006, K4000 are used for transformers in the frequency range from 10 to 500 kHz. The transferable powers are dependent on the core geometry. The possible upper frequency limits are predetermined by the material selected.

In addition to power transmission, UU and UI cores are also used in line transformers for producing the high voltage for electron beam deflection in picture tubes and in chokes. A new area of application is that of ignition transformers in the automotive industry.

The power materials used for manufacturing the transformer cores are characterized by high saturation flux density, low specific power losses and the decline in losses with increasing temperature in the temperature range from 20 to 100 °C, with a composition dependent minimum at about 80 °C.

The core sets are precision ground in pairs, thus providing a basis for the guarantee of the magnetic parameters. The AL values stated and the declared losses also only apply to the declared frequencies, excitations and test temperatures.

The UU and UI core geometry allows the machine winding and impregnation of high-voltage resistant coils. Assembly instructions including the joining procedure are supplied on request.

TypeDrw. no.nominal AL-value / nHdatasheet
U 13/51600650
U 15/6,7112501300
U 20/7,5117501800
U 25/13123502400
U 46/28156006000
U 80/25175008650
U 93/16128503250
I 93/16/28239004400
U 93/20135504100
I 93/20/28249005600
U 93/30153006000
I 93/30/28273508450
U 100/25147505200
I 100/25260007000
U 126/20130003200
I 126/20240004000
U 130/25165007500
I 130/25174008500
















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