Planar E and I cores

For the design of SMPS transfomers and chokes where high power and reduced height is necessary, then Planar can be the solution. The favourable surface to volume ratio provides outstanding performance.

Clearly component lifetime and repeatability in manufacture are evident as no windings are in use. These characteristics allow a very flexible and versatile use of the range of Kaschke Planar Cores when constructing SMPS transformers. By choosing the adequate ferrite material you will achieve the optimal solution in the frequency range of 100-1000 kHz.


For our range of Planar Cores we recommend the Kaschke power ferrite K2010 and K2001. The material K2010 is suitable for a frequency range up to 500 kHz while K2001 is designed for the use above 500 kHz.

Planar E cores can also be supplied with different core heights on request. The following sizes are possible:

Core type Maximum length of leg
PE 18/10/4 6 mm
PE 22/16/6 6 mm
PE 32/20/6 7 mm
PE 38/25/8 7 mm
PE 43/28/10 7 mm
Typenominal AL-values / nHdatasheet
PE 18/10/425003500
PI 18/10/227503800
PE 22/16/638505500
PI 22/16/2,545506350
PE 32/20/650007150
PI 32/20/3,258508350
PE 38/25/859508450
PI 38/25/4705010000
PE 43/28/1060008550
PI 43/28/4725010300