Pot cores

Pot cores are used for inductors with low stray fields. The pot core coil generally consists of a coilformer with one or two sections, the pot core halves made of soft magnetic, low-loss and usually high perm materials, the mouting plate and the retaining clamps. Pot core coils can be supplied with defined shearing, the predetermined AL values for the individual materials and pot core geometries being achieved by grinding a defined air gap into the center leg of the pot core halves.

For producing frequency-selective components, materials of different initial permeability, low losses and high thermal and temporal stability are used.

We recommend the following materials in dependence of the frequency ranges:

Frequency range Material
10 - 100 kHz K4000, K6000
50 - 300 kHz K2005

The materials K2004, K2006 and K2008 can be supplied for power transformers.

Main applications:

  • Telecommunications
  • Measurement and control engineering
  • Current transformers, power transformers (large pot core coils)
  • Automation technology

Another important area of application for pot ores are proximity sensors.

From a physical point of view, the defined mistuning of LC-resonators in inductive sensors is used to obtain information for controlling industrial processes. Mistuning can be achieved by inserting electrically conductive or magnetic material into a high-frequency electric field.

The advantages of inductive sensors are:

  • very high operating reliability
  • their robustness against dirt
  • high operating frequencies possible
  • large usable temperature range

TypeDrw. no.nominal AL values / nHdatasheet
SK 9/51125012252000
SK 11/71170016502800
SK 14/81225022003600
SK 18/111300029505200
SK 22/131385038006400
SK 26/161500049008100
SK 30/191640059009750
SK 36/2218300740012200
SKN 25/8,91XXXN/A
SKN 35/111XXXN/A
SKN 59,3/17,82XXXN/A
SKN 70/12,53XXXN/A
SKN 70/14,53XXXN/A
SKN 82/163XXXN/A






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