KLL chokes

High power, high performance, low losses

Our high performance chokes were developed par­ticularly for applications demanding a high efficiency and a compact design.

The Kaschke Low Loss Series features a high ripple current with small energy dissipation. Due to the low hysteresis, the chokes provide low loss solutions for applications such as Power Factor Correction and High DC bus voltage boost chokes e.g. in zero current switching mode and Resonant Chokes.

By using the Kaschke KLL chokes you gain the advantage of similar Sendust or MPP solutions, but at a far more competitive price.

Outstanding characteristics

  • small hyteresis losses (also suitable for very high ripple currents)
  • low parasitic capacity
  • good EMV characteristics
  • chokes available with auxiliary winding
  • typical inductance values from 50 μH to 1 mH at application frequencies within the range of 30 kHz to 300 kHz and up to 15 A.


Base plates and potting boxes for the KLL chokes

Chokes based on ring core R 29
DescriptionNominal currentDCRNominal inductanceOrdner no.
[A][Ω] [±10%]Ldc [μH]GP 1928
KLL-R29 1,0-6,011,576000153.600
KLL-R29 2,0-1,3 20,361300153.601
KLL-R29 3,0-0,630,27600153.602
KLL-R29 4,0-0,440,1400153.603
KLL-R29 5,0-0,2450,08240153.604
KLL-R29 6,0-0,1760,04170153.605
KLL-R29 7,0-0,1270,03120153.606
KLL-R29 8,0-0,1180,03110153.607
KLL-R29 9,0-0,0890,02580153.608
KLL-R29 10,0-0,06100,0260153.609
Chokes based on ring R 34
DescriptionNominal currentDCRNominal InductanceOrder no.Ordner no.Order no.
[A][Ω] [±10%]Ldc [μH]VGH 1181GP 2002.xVGH 1834
KLL-R34 1,0-10,812,210800153.700153.711153.740
KLL-R34 2,0-2,520,632500153.701153.712153.741
KLL-R34 3,0-1,230,341200153.702153.713153.742
KLL-R34 4,0-0,6540,15650153.703153.714153.743
KLL-R34 5,0-0,4350,09430153.704153.715153.744
KLL-R34 6,0-0,360,063300153.705153.716153.745
KLL-R34 7,0-0,2270,045220153.706153.717153.746
KLL-R34 8,0-0,1780,036170153.707153.718153.747
KLL-R34 9,0-0,1490,028140153.708153.719153.748
KLL-R34 10-0,11100,021110153.709153.720153.749
KLL-R34 15-0,05150,0150153.710153.721153.750
Chokes based on ring R 40
DescriptionNominal currentDCRNominal inductanceOrder no.
[A][Ω] [±10%]Ldc [μH]GP 2002.x
KLL-R40 2,0-3,520,53500153.800
KLL-R40 3,0-1,530,151500153.801
KLL-R40 4,0-0,940,14900153.802
KLL-R40 5,0-0,5 50,09500153.803
KLL-R40 6,0-0,460,06400153.804
KLL-R40 7,0-0,2870,05280153.805
KLL-R40 8,0-0,280,04200153.806
KLL-R40 9,0-0,1790,03170153.807
KLL-R40 10-0,14 100,02140153.808
KLL-R40 15-0,06150,00960153.809


Material data